Totnes, Devon

There's something in the air at Totnes, a distinctly relaxed arty-wholesome kind of vibe, so if that's your kind of scene rather than the hubbub of big name shops and busy streets, this is a good town for a mooch about. Shops are mostly independent, as you'd expect and you'll find a few galleries and markets to browse.

It's always good to get to learn a bit about places you visit, so do the town walk that shows you the interesting bits, the impressive architecture and the history; it's by doing little trails like this that you get to see things you otherwise would probably have missed, things that are sometimes quite fascinating. Totnes, for a relatively small town, has its fair share of museums; have a look around the Guildhall and the town museum, they say both are haunted so don't be surprised if you get the heebie-jeebies. There's also an Elizabethan House Museum, a Fashion & Textiles Museum, and if The Time House is open you should definitely go in because it's just so awesome and you won't find anything else like it anywhere.

What else can you do here? Oh, there's plenty - stroll up to the Norman castle that overlooks the town and take in the spectacular panoramic views across the South Devon landscape, hire bikes and cycle to Dartington, walk along the River Dart, jump on board the steam train at South Devon Railway and enjoy a trip to Buckfastleigh. Tell you what else is nice - to take a leisurely boat trip and come back to town for good chow at the Steam Packet Inn, Waterside Bistro or Rumour Wine Bar.

All information correct at the time of writing

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