The Great Hall, Winchester, Hampshire

If you find the Arthurian legends fascinating then you’ll like a visit to The Great Hall in Winchester because you’d never guess what’s there. Only King Arthur’s Round Table, only one of the most iconic symbols of medieval mythology ever, albeit one commissioned by Henry VIII a bit later.

The Great Hall is pretty much all that’s left of Winchester Castle (one of William the Conqueror’s) but it’s one of the best examples of a 13th century aisled hall to be found anywhere. Find out what went on there back in the day, try on costumes, immerse yourself in one of the trails, then go and chill out in Lady Eleanor’s garden. If there’s a whole group of you and you fancy a guided tour, give them a call in advance.

Open: Every day except Thursday 10.30 am-4.00 pm 
T: 01962  846476        All information correct at the time of writing

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