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Swimming Pools and Chlorine

Booking a large group holiday home with a swimming pool is a great idea; almost everyone loves splashing around in the water, and it’s a good way of getting a bit of relaxation and exercise.

It’s important to bear in mind that as with all swimming pools, the pools at our properties are treated with chlorine to keep the water clean. Chlorine has a threefold approach – it sanitises, oxidises and deters algae from forming, keeping the water free from bacteria and germs, and controlling organic debris from human perspiration and body/hair oils.

You may be aware that chlorine does get a bit of bad press, but used properly it’s far safer than the risks that an unclean pool poses. The chlorine levels in our pools are monitored by auto dosing systems as well as manual checks, and these levels are always kept within the recommended safe amounts. 

Exposure to chlorine affects people in different ways; it can cause reddened, stinging eyes and in a few people, skin reactions; obviously, the more time you spend in the water the more likely the chlorine is to affect you, but bear in mind that there are professional swimmers who spend an awful lot of time in a pool and they are perfect specimens of health!

A lot of it is common sense – wear goggles to protect your eyes (why do you think professional swimmers wear goggles?), take a shower before you get in and as soon as you get out of the pool to wash off any chlorine residues, especially if you’re planning on going out into the sun afterwards; this will greatly reduce the chances of any skin reaction, and it’s why most of our pools have showering facilities in the pool hall or very near.

Another thing to bear in mind is that chlorine can make your hair drier if it’s over exposed to it, and it can make blonde hair take on a green tinge. This will be temporary, but even so, the sensible answer is to wear a swimming hat – and again, it’s another good reason to take a shower straight after leaving the pool.

And swimming costumes. If they’re not chlorine proof they might well fade, and fashion costumes are not likely to be chlorine proof. Again, that shower after your swim can help.

When you stay at a Sleeps 12 property with a pool, you’re expected to be responsible with regard to your use of the pool. If you over use it then you are more at risk of red eyes, skin reactions, dry hair, and fading costumes, but if you use it sensibly and make sure you all have that very important shower before and after your swim, you should be fine. 

A swimming pool is a great facility; use it wisely and enjoy it.

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