Swanwick, Hampshire

Swanwick is a village on the River Hamble in Hampshire, just a few miles from Southampton, though it’s not perhaps a village as most of us think of villages; there’s no ‘centre’ as such, and the residential spread means that these once rural areas are now merging with their neighbours, so sometimes it’s hard to tell where one ends and another begins. People go to Swanwick to stroll around the reclaimed clay pits at Swanwick Lakes Nature Reserve, brave the waters with Andark Diving & Watersports, or just sit and watch the comings and goings in the marina. The village is a major centre for air traffic control and believe it or not, it was a big strawberry growing area at the beginning of the 20th century. These days if folk fancy a bite to eat there they go to The Navigator or The Boat House Café.

All information correct at the time of writing

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