St Decuman's Holy Well, Watchet, Somerset

If you're in Watchet pootling about one of the things you should make a point of seeing is St Decuman's Holy Well. Stroll along the lane behind the church and you should find it there in a very small garden, though it has been known to become overgrown, and that's a shame. Okay, there's not a great deal to see, but it's the history and the mystical aspect of it that appeal to people, and like most sacred sites, there's an overwhelming feeling of tranquillity. 
St Decuman's Well was a Pagan site in Celtic times but when the townsfolk of Watchet converted to Christianity they claimed it as the Fountain of St Decumanus, a Christian monk, and they drank the waters that were declared 'sweet, healthful and necessary'. Legend has it that the waters have incredible healing powers; when St Decuman's head was cut off he simply carried it to the well, washed it and put it back on his shoulders! Nowadays, it's used as a place for quiet contemplation and prayer. It's all rather magical, with the water coming out from between huge stones and flowing into the well and several round stone basins. You certainly couldn't be blamed if you expected to look up and see Gandalf standing there.

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