Sleeps12 Quality Assurance Process

Sleeps12 are proud of the quality of our properties and the quality of the service we provide. We pride ourselves on being in a luxury market and want people to come back year after year.

We put in place many measures to ensure our quality so that you get the best experience for example:

• Our team in the office are knowledgeable, approachable and we keep a small team so that we have a personal service that you wouldn’t experience with other companies.
• Our properties are hand picked through property visits and meetings with potential owners so that we can safely say that we truly love the property we put on our books.
• We encourage all our owners to have their properties graded by Visit England. This is a rigorous process and allows you to be assured that those properties are measured against a national standard. Our owners are proud of their grading’s and rightly so, they are difficult to get!
• We ask for feedback from each visit. This is emailed to the office team and the property owner so they personally see all feedback and the office team enter into discussions about this feedback regularly.
• The office team and the owners of Sleeps12 are there to help property owners with queries and everyone works together to ensure the happiness of the people staying in a Sleeps12 property. We go above and beyond a service that lets holiday properties. We liaise, negotiate and help every step of the way.

We have been doing this for many years now and we believe that this is why we are successful. We also adapt to trends such as social media and marketing to ensure that we are ahead of the game. We responded to the trend of online booking and have made sure our website shows live availability which allows people to clearly see what is and isn’t available and bookings can be made 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. We know that people lead busy lives and don’t want to pick up the phone to make an enquiry. We have a fantastic enquiry system and provide informative answers very quickly. We don’t leave you waiting!

Transparency is important to us, we tell you of our achievement and celebrate them. We are honest in our responses and about our properties. We wanted to build on this further so introduced a Quality Assurance Process.

Our Quality Assurance Process

Our properties are inspected by our dedicated in house inspector. She visits the properties regularly, each house will potentially have 4 visits a year depending upon the availability of access to the property.
Inspections are conducted randomly and owners are not informed of the visit prior to the inspection. This is because we believe that our owners maintain their properties to the highest standard all year round.
During the visit our inspector will check the decoration and general upkeep of the property both inside and outside. She looks in each room and checks the quality of fixtures and fittings. Crockery is randomly inspected, beds and sofas sat upon, cupboards opened and pools checked. If the owners are present she will speak with them to note down anything from them and ask questions about matters such as their next block of decorating or how often the gardens are tended to. She doesn’t have a tick box, she doesn’t look for the same things each time but as someone who stays in holiday properties and hotels herself she looks for the little things that make a great stay excellent. She looks for the factors that make a Sleeeps12 property a Sleeps12 property. Luxury, quality and individuality.

Once the inspections are complete she provides feedback to the property owner through a written report that includes findings and actions she would like to see attended to before the next inspection. Reports are sent quickly and follow up dates placed in the diary. We encourage discussion about the reports with owners and the feedback forms help to reinforce these discussions.

We take every opportunity to provide what we say we provide and are confident that we do this well.