- Covid-19 Statement

Covid-19 Update 26th November 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic imposes considerable difficulties on our customers, on our owners and on ourselves as a business, requiring us at Sleeps12 to constantly monitor the government's rapidly evolving guidelines and legislation and act accordingly. For the latest information, please see the following trusted websites, which will contain the most current information.

Our concern is always to ensure that we are properly acting within the law and that our properties are safe to operate. On that basis, we are fully compliant with government and industry guidelines designed to ensure the health and well being of both staff and guests. Very strict cleaning routines have been implemented at each and every one of our properties, and before opening to guests all property owners are required to complete a Visit England Accredited Online Certificate. To see the latest guidelines, see our Visit England - 'Good To Go' Certificate information or PASC UK Self-catering COVID-19 Cleaning Guidelines.

We consider that through the effective implementation of these measures, we have underscored the fact that self-catering accommodation is a low risk service provider, both generally and within the hospitality sector.  

In terms of new law, the recent renewal of lockdown restrictions by the government does not include the mandatory closure of holiday lets, as it did from March to July. We therefore remain open for business, subject to all of the above-mentioned health and safety guidelines. As there is no obvious ‘frustration’ of contract, which was the case when holiday lets were required to close, this means that we are not required to refund bookings. However, should any of our properties be subject to mandatory closure in the future, then a full refund would be given where requested for bookings made at that property.

For our customers, however, the government’s 'Rule of Six’  introduced on 14th September 2020 evidently generates significant difficulties, which requires us to deal with each booking on a case by case basis. Our response at Sleeps12 to ensure that our customers’ needs are served as well as possible during these trying times is to do our utmost to find a suitable and reasonable solution whenever a customer decides they are unable to fulfil a booking.

For information, we have included a link to the CMA guidance to show that we are closely aligned with them on when full refunds are due, as well as the requirement to act fairly and reasonably with our customers on a case by case basis.

For information on Guidance on holidays in areas with local lockdown restrictions see below:

Local Lockdowns.

Can I still have a holiday?

On 12th October more changes were introduced by the government, with a 3 tier system put into place. Since then we've had another lockdown imposed and when this ends on December 2nd we enter another tier system, with rules being tougher than before - this system will be reviewed every two weeks. So, the previous Rule of 6 no longer applies as a whole because in some areas you cannot meet with anyone else indoors. The other thing is that travel to and from the different tiers is not advised. 

For information on these Tiers please view HERE.

And then there's Christmas, which certainly won't be anywhere near normal, but restrictions will be relaxed for five days between 23rd and 27th December to allow us to see our loved ones over the festive period. Three households will be allowed to meet up indoors and stay overnight - and this is a '4 Nation Approach' so it's the same throughout the UK. Find out more here. 

At the moment all of our properties are in a Tier 2 area, so as from today you can have a holiday with your household or support bubble (for more about support bubbles see here), though remember that bit about travel in and out of different tiers being not advised. If you live in a Tier 3 area, travel to a Tier 2 area is not recommended. Tiers will next be revised on 16th December.

Over the festive period, as mentioned above, you can have a holiday with a total of three households or support bubbles. 

It's confusing to say the least so it's really important that you check the very latest Government advice before you leave for your holiday. We recommend these trusted websites: