Security Deposit Policy

Thank you for choosing our holiday accommodation for your stay. We aim to provide a pleasant and secure environment for all our guests and ensure that our property owners' investments are protected. Please take a moment to review our Security Deposit Policy.

  1. Security Deposit Submission:
    a. Guests are required to submit a security deposit 7 days before their scheduled arrival.
    b. Payment can be made via bank transfer or through our secure online payment provider.
  2. Owner's Responsibility:
    a. Property owners must notify us of any potential claims within 48 hours of the guest's departure.
    b. Owners should provide photographic evidence and an estimate of costs related to damages.
  3. Notification to Guests:
    a. As the agent, we will inform guests of any potential security deposit claims as soon as possible, but at least within 2 working days of their checkout.
  4. Processing of Security Deposits:
    a. All security deposits will be processed on the Wednesday following a guest's departure, except in cases where a claim is pending.
    b. If a security deposit claim is pending, we aim to process the claim within 7 days, providing relevant evidence from the owner regarding costs and damages.
  5. Standard Deductions:
    a. Common damage and security deposit deduction rates include but are not limited to:
         i. Extra Guests (day or overnight) not pre-authorised: £100/guest
         ii. Extra Pets not pre-authorised: £75/pet
         iii. Breaching House Rules: £250
         iv. Late Checkout: £100 fee plus hourly rate for every hour or part thereof that the guests depart late
         v. Extra Cleaning: £50 fee plus hourly cleaning rate
         vi. Tampering with monitors: £50
         vii. Repeated breach of noise levels: £100/event
  6. Refund Timeline:
    a. If no claim is made, guests should receive their refund within 4 working days of checkout plus additional time (5-7 working days) may be required for the banks to complete the refund.

Please familiarise yourself with our House Rules and ensure compliance during your stay to avoid potential security deposit deductions.
We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the quality of our accommodations for all guests. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our customer support team 01823 665500.