Sealife London Aquarium, London

A wondrous underwater world awaits you at Sealife London Aquarium and it’s utterly fascinating. It can be quite mesmerising just standing there watching marine creatures silently going about their daily activities, can’t it? Doesn’t matter whether it’s a shoal of fish, a pair of seahorses, a jellyfish, or a big scuttle crab, the effect is generally the same. There’s plenty of that here of course - Sealife London Aquarium has several zones like the Shark Walk, which actually isn’t so mesmerising because if you’re of a nervous disposition you might feel like the sharks are going to leap up and grab your feet, but they can’t of course, and it’s an awesome experience. Other zones include the Atlantic Coasts, the Ray Lagoon, the Rockpool, Open Oceans & Ship Wreck, Nemo’s Coral Reef and Seahorse Kingdom, with a myriad marine delights to see.
Try the Rainforest Adventure, see the awesomely colourful living coral reef and spot clownfish, get a tremendous dose of cuteness when you see the Gentoo penguin chicks. Just remember that at peak times you’ll need to book a time slot, which is easy to do online.

Open 10.00 am every day
T: 0371 663 1679        All information correct at the time of writing

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