Sea Tractor, Bigbury on Sea, Kingsbridge, Devon

Ever ridden on a sea tractor? Not many people have, but here’s your chance. The Sea Tractor at Bigbury on Sea on the coast of South Devon is one of only a handful in the world; when the tide is in it runs across the causeway from the beach at Bigbury on Sea to Burgh Island, taking guests to the iconic Art Deco Hotel where Agatha Christie found the inspiration for two of her novels. The public can hitch a ride for a low fare – and what an experience. When you get to Burgh Island you can explore and spot wildlife, or head to The Pilchard Inn for a bite to eat.

The story goes that the Sea Tractor was designed in 1969 by Robert Jackson CBE in return for a case of champagne; it’s now on its third generation of hydraulic tractor. Bear in mind that sometimes extreme weather conditions mean the Sea Tractor is not able to run.

T: 01548 810514   

All information correct at the time of writing

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