Rural WiFi

All Sleeps12 luxury large group holiday houses have WiFi, but with some being so far out in the sticks the speeds may be a little slower than you're used to. 

The wi-fi is always the fastest for the area and the type of property you are staying in, but we appreciate that sometimes it's still not quite what you're used to. Of course there are all the usual fixes like turning off a few devices, moving nearer the main router, or even rebooting it, but that's not ideal if you are trying to download the latest game or a film! That's why our advice is to download things like that before your stay - be prepared!

The flip side is that slower internet speeds might actually help you to relax, to disconnect and enjoy the slower pace of life. A little break from technology won't do us any harm at all! The main thing is that you enjoy your holiday together, have plenty of fun and make happy memories.