Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, Devon

The Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter is well worth a visit; it’s one of the best museums in the area with impressive displays that showcase local history and world cultures. Some of the collections are of national importance, like the Egyptian tomb where the mummy of Shep-en-Mut rests, artefacts from ancient Greece and Rome, and rarely seen exhibits from Oceania, West Africa, Asia and the Americas. You can’t help but wonder at the astonishing collection of birds in the Fine Feather Gallery and when you wander into the Case Histories Gallery – wow! Amongst other things there’s an African bull elephant, Gerald the giraffe, and suspended up above you, a whale skeleton.
You might want to see the temporary art exhibitions whilst you’re here, and a visit to the shop is a must, with wares inspired by museum collections. You might want to reflect upon your visit over tea and cake in the café before you hit the busy city streets. If it’s a nice day leave via the Garden Entrance and take a stroll through Rougemont Gardens.

Open: 10.00 am-5.00 pm Tues-Sun     Admission is free
T: 01392 265858    All information correct at the time of writing

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