Rochefoucauld Castle, La Rochefoucauld, Charente

Only part of Rochefoucauld Castle is open to the public but it’s still worth visiting, to appreciate the dramatic setting above the town of La Rochfoucauld. First stop ought to be the dressing up room where you can don period costumes and keep them on throughout your tour; be a knight or a princess as you walk around this magnificent house. See the Library, the huge kitchens, the chapel and dungeons. Rochefoucauld Castle is like something from the pages of a fairytale book, and what’s impressive is that despite centuries of turbulent history, it’s been home to the same family for over 1000 years. Note that the castle is reached via a short but steep hill with minimal parking near the entrance.

Open: 10.00am-7.00pm every day except Tuesday
T: +33 (0)5 45 62 07 42           All information correct at the time of writing