Riverford Organics, Buckfastleigh, Devon

Order seasonal organic vegetables, fruit, meat and essentials from Riverford Organics and have it all delivered to your Sleeps12 large group holiday house. Most of it is sown and grown or raised and made in the West Country, a lot of it from their own farms.

Riverford Organics send out a lot of boxes each week – fruit and veg boxes, salad boxes, meat boxes, so an easy option is to select one to suit you, but bear in mind that they also sell everything individually so you can add whatever you like to your box, or just order from your own list. Essentials and chilled goods are supplied too - bread, butter, hummus, milk, yoghurt, eggs, cheese, all local, all top quality. All packaging is paper or home compostable so none of it need go to landfill (think of the planet!); all refuse collections take things for composting these days, so there’s no excuse for putting the packaging in the bin.

It's easy to order online and you can start off by popping in the postcode of your holiday house and checking that they’ll deliver to you – if they don’t, you need not go any further, if they do, you’re in for a treat. There’s a useful FAQ section on the website and some amazing recipes – very handy if you’re looking for inspiration for feeding your group when you’re on holiday. Bear in mind that you might need to be organised because they have certain delivery days for different areas but it’s well worth it for the quality, the freshness and the taste.

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