Ridgeway Cider, Holcombe Rogus, Devon

When you're on holiday in the West Country it seems only right to sample one of the things the area is renowned for - cider, and the best way to do it is to get out in the car and pootle around the lanes to one of the places where this golden brew is still made to traditional methods. You'll find Ridgeway Cider out in the sticks at Holcombe Rogus, and we're not kidding you when we say that the whole set up is, well, perfick.
Steve and Julie who own the business have lived at the farm for over 30 years, and Steve's very much a local chap - his parents have farmed in the village since the 1950's. 
Apples are pressed and cider produced to age old methods and it's jolly good stuff; so good that it's won several awards, and it certainly has the seal of approval from the locals. It's sold in bags in Boxes and bottles and the range includes dry, medium and sweet ciders, and the lightly carbonated dry 'Hooty Owl'. If you've got your own container or flagon, take it along and they'll fill it for you.
And if you want to linger and chat, well, we can't blame you because it's so idyllic at Ridgeway Farm; it's a dream in the springtime when the orchards are full of delicate apple blossom, and in the autumn when the fruit hangs on the bough and the sun shines through the branches... that's hard to beat.

Open: Mon to Sat 9.00am-9.00pm   Sun 1.00am-4.00pm

T: 01823 672644 or 07713 277919  All information correct at the time of writing

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