Raglan Castle, Raglan, Monmouthshire

If ever there was a crumbling fairytale castle, like the ones in children’s books, this is it. Mind you, it ought to be handsome as it was built (back in the 15th century by ‘the blue knight of Gwent, William Herbert) to impress, rather than as a fortress, although it did pretty well holding off parliamentarian forces when they came to Monmouthshire during the civil war, even if it did eventually succumb to their hands.
Raglan Castle was a symbol of wealth, of importance; castle building wasn’t so fashionable then, but if you wanted to show off, then that was one way to do it. Add huge mullioned windows, a stunning oriel, and a long gallery and there’s plenty to keep the neighbours talking. It must have been quite something – the gatehouse and the Great Tower are immense, and Henry Tudor (later King Henry VII) must have loved living here as a boy.
Wander around at your leisure, find a quiet spot to sit or stand and take in the tranquillity. It’s enchanting; ivy and wildflowers have colonised the ruins and they twist and tumble romantically, just how it should be. It’s like that childhood song: There Was a Princess Long Ago…
Opening times change according to the seasons, but if you go between 10 and 4 you’ll be fine. You might catch one of the events that are held during the year, and if you take your dog, just keep him on a lead.    

 T: 01291 690228     All information correct at the time of writing.

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