Quality Assured

Our Standard

At Sleeps12 we pride ourselves on keeping on top of things. We keep close working relationships with our property owners, allowing us to undertake regular inspections and constantly monitor feedback; this way we can offer a consistently high level of service and a top quality experience to our end users.

Unlike any other Quality Standard company, we are able to combine an initial Quality Assessment on our properties, followed by regular check ups and surveying of customer feedback all year round.

Our grading is based on each bedroom that sleeps only 2 people, and the property being able to accommodate the maximum number of people comfortably in a living room and around a dining table. We are happy for properties to include additional beds as an option (this will be displayed as a +2, for example, on the property details), but if this option is taken up by the customer then the grading will not always stand, as this may make the room less comfortable. Equally, if a customer takes up the option of toddler beds or cots, for the same reason, the space may be compromised. However, this would not detract from the overall quality of the property and its facilities.


This is something we take very seriously at Sleeps12.com. We spend a lot of time discussing cleaning methods with the owners and we make recommendations to ensure that hygiene and cleanliness are always maintained at optimum levels - for instance, we make recommendations for the rotation of mattresses and other ways to eliminate any cross contamination throughout areas. Cleaners are encouraged to visit our flagship properties and to undertand the importance of ensuring that everything is thoroughly cleaned, from the skirting boards and underneaths and tops of furniture, to every single item in the kitchen – food residues on saucepans or cutlery is simply not an option.


A regular maintenance program is crucial to the running of a successful self catering property. We encourage our owners to be proactive rather than reactive so weekly checks are essential to make sure that everything is as up together as possible. Sometimes it is not possible to fix something at short notice and leeway is given for these isolated incidents. We also rely on our customers informing the owners as soon as possible if they find something that has come loose, or has broken and needs attention. We encourage our property owners to keep stocks of any item that might need replacing on a changeover. Regular painting is also key to keeping a property looking fresh and loved. Year round TLC is extremely important and this is also taken into consideration when grading a property. The fact that we are able to pop into our properties on any changeover day gives us a clear insight into how well a property is being managed and maintained.

Our Initial Assessment

Our initial Quality Assessment will take several hours. We will look at absolutely everything very closely. We will also discuss all aspects of housekeeping and management of the property with the owner or management team. One of the first things we do when we arrive at a property is take in the approach and surrounding area, conditions of the driveway and parking area, any gardens and the overall initial impression. We will be looking for clean, well kept and managed areas with a welcoming feel. We will then go through the property room by room. How the property as a whole, and each room within it feels is very important to us; the general ambience is paramount as this is what enables the customer to relax and enjoy the property.

All Rooms

Each room will be thoroughly checked for cleanliness. This includes ensuring that furniture is being moved to clean underneath, and that all skirting boards are regularly wiped. The room needs to be able to be well lit, but at the same time have alternative lighting to create an ambient and relaxing mood. All furniture needs to be of good quality, well maintained and well positioned to give a feeling of space, comfort and style.


All bedding should be crisp and clean and freshly laundered, as well as being of a good standard. The beds should be pocket sprung and kept fresh with pillow and mattress protectors that are regularly laundered; everything must be smart and sturdy, from pillows and duvets to bedroom furniture and accessories. We also take into consideration things like the need for a mirror with a socket within easy reach to aid the use of a hairdryer. We encourage our property owners to supply hairdryers, although this is not always the case. If supplied by the owner, they need to be of a high quality and regularly checked/PAT tested. The room needs to be able to be well lit, but at the same time have bedside lamps or downlights to create a more restful mood.


Each bathrooms has to be completely spotless, sparkling clean and also smell fresh. We encourage our property owners to provide some small essentials, along with at least 2 toilet rolls per toilet. Towels must be provided and be of good standard, and a decent size. All sanitary wear needs to be smart and well maintained.

Communal Rooms

Living rooms and games rooms should have a welcoming feel to them. There must to be room for all occupants to be able to gather comfortably together with a feeling of space and quality.


All appliances must be of good quality, well maintained and spotlessly clean. Crockery and cutlery must be of a standard suitable for a dinner party, with plenty of spare utensils to ensure that the guests have more than enough of everything. Plenty of tea towels along with a scourer, dishcloth and washing up brush should be supplied. You must also provide more than enough crockery and glasses, and if the property accommodates children there must be suitable children’s plates and bowls, etc.

Gardens and Grounds

All areas and boundaries should be clear to the guests and must be well kept and maintained. It is very important that any patios are regularly cleaned, along with all outdoor furniture, including the BBQ and any accessories. Grass is to be cut regularly, planting, including containers, is to be attractive and well tended. All outside paintwork, including windows and doors should be regularly stained or painted to give a pristine appearance.

On Going Spot Checks

What we can do that no other company does is  thorough, regular check ups. We call in on our properties on a changeover day without notice so that we can see exactly what they are offering to our customers. We check everything as if we are doing our initial assessment, paying particular attention to any areas that might have been mentioned in the customer feedback. If we requested any changes following our last visit, we need to be satisfied that these changes have been effected. We also talk to the cleaning and maintenance staff to determine if they have anything that they would like us to discuss with the owner on their behalf. A written report is then sent to the owner outlining any areas that need attention, and a follow up visit is made to make sure that any action required has been implemented.

Grading Symbol

We use a STAR rating on the initial assessment to display the quality that the property offers.

We then use a description underneath to describe the feedback that we have received from the customer.

If the feedback of a property is predominantly 10/10 it will qualify for an EXCEPTIONAL grade.

If the feedback is predominantly 9/10 or above it will qualify for an EXCELLENT grade.

If the property feedback is predominantly 8/10 or above it will qualify for a VERY GOOD grade.