Perrygrove Railway, nr Coleford, Gloucestershire

Sit back and enjoy the ride through farmland and woodland on the edge of the magnificent Forest of Dean; get off at one of the little stations and wander one of the paths into the ancient Perrygrove woodland, have a picnic at Foxy Hollow and get a later train back, grab a treasure hunt map for the kids and help them solve all the clues; return to the indoor village to unlock your treasure box. The indoor village is great fun for hide and seek in the five houses connected by secret passages; explore the mini village of treehouses and ladders, and a wibblywobbly suspension bridge. You can take a picnic  or buy snacks and drinks in the little café. It’s only a short track, three quarters of a mile long and a trip takes little more than 20 minutes but don’t let that put you off because it’s charming, and when Father Christmas visits it’s such a wonderful place to be.

Opening times vary throughout the year.

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