Old Spitalfields Market, London

Old Spitalfields Market in London is a very lively place, with a bustling atmosphere, but one where everyone is happily going about their own business, shopping and browsing. There are over 50 shops and stalls here selling a plethora of delights to tempt you; natural skincare, watches, footwear, eyewear, swimwear, perfume and plenty of vintage. You can even get your nails done or have a facial, or join a yoga, plates or ballet class. Oh, and food and drink, there’s plenty of that too – crepes, street food, burgers, and no shortage of world flavours.
The other thing that makes Old Spitalfields Market so upbeat is all the events that are held there, from urban Makers Wednesdays and Antiques Markets to Pet Shows and Vinyl Markets, there’s always something going on. Guaranteed a slice of that trendy hipster lifestyle at Spitalfields.

Open: Mon-Weds & Fri  10.00am-8.00pm     Thurs  8.00am-6.00pm     Sat  10.00am-6.00pm     Sun  10.00am-5.00pm      
All information correct at the time of writing

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