Natural History Museum, London

Families, you must go and visit the Natural History Museum if you’re planning on spending time in London. Curious kids will love it, grown-ups will come away impressed and amazed.  Go and discover the history of life on earth, from the teeniest, weeniest bugs to the hugest mammals. Of course, not all of the 80 million artefacts can be displayed at the same time, but you’ll certainly see some wondrous things, like an ancient mastodon skeleton, a Barbary lion skull, a gem that’s as old as the solar system, botanical drawings, a huge collection of beetles, and dinosaurs – oh yes, dinosaurs. Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs – and so much more with exhibits embracing oceans, human evolution, space, British wildlife, ecology, and prehistoric times.
There are regular events, exhibitions, activities and tours and there’s a restaurant, cafes and shops, including a Dino Store, so empty the piggy banks before you go. A fantastic day out, we can assure you.

Open every day 10.00am to 5.50pm
T: 020 7942 5000         All information correct at the time of writing

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