Menus for Caroline Wholey




Fish Ceviche with Coriander served on individual spoons

Miniature Sliders with Balsamic Pulled Beef, Seed Mustard and Watercress

Honey and Mustard Cocktail Sausages

Bloody Mary Tomatoes served with Celery Salt (V) (contains alcohol)

Smørrebrøds – Rye bread topped with dill cream and smoked salmon

Blini topped with Avocado and Apple Salad finished with Fried Radish (V)

Skewers of Melon, Marinated Anchovies and Pickled Peppers

Parmesan ‘Lollipops’ (V)

Watermelon and Feta Bites with Basil Oil Summer

Miniature Spinach Roulade with a Creamy Tomato Filling (V)

Endive Boats with Roquefort, Pear and Walnut (V)

Prawn and Chorizo Canapés with a Garlic Dip





Pea and Mint Soup with Parmesan Tuiles (V) Served Hot or Cold by request

Classic Borscht adorned with Soured Cream (V by request)

French Onion Soup served with Cheese’d Croutons

Smoked Salmon Pate and Melba Toast

Smoked Haddock, Leek and Chive Tartlets

Tians of Chillied Prawns with Avocado Salsa served with Pitta

Chilli Lime Cucumber Noodles on Salted Watermelon with Fresh Mint (V) Seasonal

Roasted Carrots with Goat Cheese and Pomegranate (V)

Asian style Prawn Salad

Seared Pears and Prosciutto Salad (V with Figs)

Chicken Liver and Thyme Pâté served with Toasted Brioche and Homemade Onion Marmalade






Roast Beef with a Port & Rosemary Jus, with Dauphenois or Boulangère Potatoes & Seasonal Vegetables.

Braised Lamb with Fruit Stuffing served with Rich Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables

Fanned Duck Breast with Mango and Chilli Salsa, served with Mixed Rice Summer

Fanned Duck Breast with a Rich Fruit Sauce, served with Mixed Rice Winter

Yoghurt Braised Chicken Legs with Garlic and Ginger – served with Naan Bread and Salad

Water Buffalo Faggots in a rich Onion Gravy served with Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Tenderloin of Pork with Baked Apple and Cider Jus, served with Roast Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables

Salmon Fillet with Citrus and Thyme, served with New Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables

Za’atar Roasted Butternut Squash with Spiced Yogurt and Pickled Chillies, served with a Carrot, Dill and Coriander Salad (V)

Fennel and Lemon Risotto (V)

Golden Glazed Carrots, Mushroom and Hazelnut Tart (V)

Sharing Platters of Warm Shredded Lamb Salad with Mint and Pomegranates, served with Pitta Breads, Home made Hummus, Home Made Onion Pickle and a Green Leaf Salad Summer









Individual Chocolate Torte served with Red Berries and Double Cream

Individual Tart Tatin served with Double Cream

Individual Classic Pavlova served with Seasonal Fruit

Individual Banoffee Pies

Lemon Parfait with Raspberry Coulis and a Meringue Kiss

Iced Forest Fruits Terrine served with Madelines

Chocolate Roulade with a Seasonal Filling

Raspberry Mille Feuille

Black Forest Cheesecake Bombs

Citrus Cheesecake on a Ginger Biscuit Base

Whisky’d Caramelised Oranges





If you have a favourite dish please let me know as I can very likely provide it for you.  

Cost upon application.


3 dinner courses at £50.00 per head

3 courses of canapés, and two meal courses at £57.00 per head

4 courses at £65 per head


Cheeseboard with biscuits, fruit, and celery at £18.00 per head

If the client provides the cheese, I will present it and provide the biscuits, fruit, and celery at £7.00 per head

I would recommend ordering from The Cheese Shed and have them deliver your selection directly to me.


Coffee and Homemade Chocolates at £6 per head


Tea lights in plain glass bowl holders to add atmosphere:  £15 hire

The numbers depend on what looks best on the table but usually between 20 to 40 candles.


For larger numbers and for canapes, I strongly advise that you also have a waiter/waitress for the evening.  

I can provide one for £10 an hour – they normally work for around 2 to 4 hours depending on your timings






Otherwise stated, the food will be quoted for a single 23cm/9” square, 5cm/2” deep foil dish.  Depending on the contents each one of these will feed between 4-6 people for mains, and up to 8 people for vegetables unless otherwise stated, depending on the appetites concerned!  All deliveries will come with a sheet of paper stating any reheating/cooking instructions. Vegetarian/Gluten Free/Vegan dishes on request.




Fish Pie - £35

Flakes of fish and eggs in a creamy sauce topped with mashed potatoes – please stipulate if you don’t want prawns etc


Chicken, Ham and Leek Pie - £35

In a creamy white sauce with mushrooms, and topped with a puff pastry crust.  The pastry will be uncooked and will need cooking for approximately half an hour in a hot oven.


Moroccan Lemon Chicken - £40

Chicken Breasts marinated in harissa and garlic, in a lemon sauce with olives and red peppers.  This will need warming up.  6 breasts per box.


Boeuf Bourguignon - £50

Traditional rich beef stew cooked in an abundance of red wine.


Porc Provencal - £28

Large pork chops or steaks, braised in a light tomato peppery sauce with an abundance of yellow and red peppers. 6 per box.


Lamb Rogan Josh - £35

A traditional mild to warm Kashmiri curry packed with flavours - please let me know if you would like to reduce or up the 'heat' of this. 


Thai Green Curry - £38

Aromatic green chicken (or vegetable by request - £25) curry, prepared mild to medium but comes with a jar of the base paste to make it hotter to your preference.  


Water Buffalo Faggots in a rich onion gravy - 3 servings/6 faggots per box - £28

The best faggots I have ever found from a Somerset water buffalo farm.  Truly delicious.  The faggots are fairly large so each box contains six faggots with an abundance of onion gravy.


Salmon and Asparagus Gratin - £35

Salmon pieces in a creamy sauce with shards of asparagus topped with a layer of thinly sliced potatoes and covered with a crunch cheese and bread crumbs.


Shepherd’s Pie - £30

Finely minced lamb topped with crispy riced potatoes


Cumberland Pie - £33

Minced beef and carrots topped with mashed potatoes and finished with a sprinkling of cheese.


Persian Lamb and Herb Stew - £38

A deliciously aromatic stew with highlights of dried limes, turmeric, and fenugreek – serve with plain white rice


Osso Bucco - £45

A hearty veal casserole


Game Casserole SEASONAL - £30 - £50

A rich casserole made with available game – could be rabbit, grouse, pheasant, partridge, etc


Chinese Beef with Tomatoes - £38

Slivers of beef with tomatoes to create a hearty flavoursome dish



Cajun Chicken and Ham Gumbo - £28

Spicy and warming.





Dauphenoise Potatoes: - £24

Boulangere Potatoes: £22

Mashed Potatoes: £12

Jasmine Rice: £8

Long grain Rice: £6

Lightly Seasoned Cous Cous (for two people): £6

Tarka Daal: £14

Home made Chapatis: £1.50 each

Poppadoms: £0. 80ach



Red cabbage with apple and cider: £16

Large Horse Mushrooms with Garlic Butter and herbs - 4 in each box: £

Carrots in Parsley Butter: £6

Garlic French Beans: £8

Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese: £12 – With Lardons: £14

Roasted Root Vegetables: £12

Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables: £12

Minted Petit Pois peas:  £6

Hispi Cabbage with Seasoning: £6

Sag Aloo:  £12

Braised Chicory - £8

Roasted Leeks - £8

Carrot and Swede Puree - £10

Broccoli and/or Cauliflower Polonaise - £12





Frozen Rich and Decadent Chocolate Torte - £34

(place in fridge for approximately an hour before serving with red berries of your choice and cream)


Chocolate and Strawberry Roulade - £30

(8-10 servings – comes chilled and wrapped in cling film for you to plate)


Banoffee Pie - £30

Biscuit base, with rich dark caramel, sliced bananas and topped with indulgent whipped thick cream flavoured with a hint of coffee and finished with a generous dusting of dark cocoa powder.


Lemon and Lime Cheesecake - £20

Biscuit base with a tangy citrus creamy topping


Fruit Crumble – £20 - £25

Seasonal fruit of your choice – ie apple and cinnamon, rhubarb and elderflower, bramble, etc.


Lemon Parfait marbled with Raspberry Coulis - £22

Citrussy creamy parfait with a tangy sharp raspberry coulis swirled through it.


Wild Bramble Mousse - £22

An intensely coloured mousse created out of red berry fruits and blackberries.


Bread and Butter Pudding - £22

A choice of either the traditional creamy pudding with raisins, or a lighter version made with yoghurt, crème fraiche and blueberries.