Lyndhurst Parish Walk, Lyndhurst, New Forest, Hampshire

Get the lead, put on your boots and step out right from the door at Ortus House to do the 8.5 mile Lyndhurst Parish Walk. Amble down to the village centre because that’s where it starts, and if you’re doing the full route allow 3-4 hours, otherwise you can do sections of it and retire to a tea shop or pub when your feet are aching. It’s mixed terrain – roads, lanes, footpaths and tracks, but you’ll be well rewarded with glorious scenery, breath taking views, and if you’re lucky, who knows what might wildlife you might spot?  It’s likely that you’ll see New Forest ponies grazing, and maybe cows, pigs and sheep going for a wander at Bolton’s Bench – a well known viewpoint in the parish and actually, a good place for a picnic or to go kite flying.
On your way home, pop into the Waterloo Arms on the way back up the hill, you deserve it.

The Lyndhurst Parish Walk can be downloaded at
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