Le Frog - Hot Drop Off Menu

Hot Drop Off Menus

Little India - £20.00pp


Chicken Korma
Beef Madras
Vegetable Balti
Palau rice


Onion bhaji
Naan Bread
Lime Pickle
Mango Chutney


Lemon Posset
Mango Mousse
Chilli and chocolate terrine


Little Italy - £20.00pp

Garlic bread & Olives
Cured meat Platter

Pastas & Pizzas

Lasagna Verde
Penne al forno con pomodori e mozzarella
Pizza Pomodori e Funghi
Margerita Pizza
Carne Mista Pizza


Ensalata Tricolore
(Tuscan Bread, roasted peppers & tomato salad)

Something Sweet

Chocolate & Mocha Terrine
Polenta & Apple Cake
Berry Tart


Petite France - £25.00pp

Les Plats

Poulet A La Crème Dans sa Miche
Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Casserole in home Baked Loaf

Beef Bourguignon
Devon Beef Casserole & Baguette

Coq au Vin
Traditional braised chicken in Red wine with lardons & onions

Gratin de Legumes
Aubergine, courgettes, tomatoes & pesto Gratin with side salad

Le Poisson du jour a la Provençale
Catch of the day with Provencale vegetables & lemon Pesto dressing

Seasonal Vegetables Roasted Baby potatoes

Les Desserts

Tarte Orange & Chocolat
Chocolate & Orange Tart With Chocolate Sauce

Crème Caramel
With Chantilly Cream

Mousse au Chocolat avec Sablé Breton
Chocolate mousse with sablé biscuits

Tarte aux Pommes Normande
Traditional French apple tart

Tarte au Citron & Coulis de Framboise
Lemon Tart & Raspberry Coulis


Minimum order of 10 will apply to hot buffets.
Onsite chef & waitress service are not included.
Delivery charge may apply.
Please select one dish per person maximum of 2 dishes per sections.