Kent Downs AONB, Ashford, Kent

Take the time to explore the Kent Downs AONB and you’ll soon realise what an incredible and varied landscape this is, quite rightly awarded AONB status several years ago. There are some very active communities within the Downs, towns and villages where life is almost a celebration of all that’s good and bounteous in these parts; there’s also a lot of history in them thar’ hills, with Iron Age hill forts, Bronze Age barrows, Roman villas, and charming Norman churches. But of course it’s the natural beauty that holds the most appeal to people, and they come to potter about and enjoy the plethora of wildlife in the ancient woodlands, the rivers and wetlands, and the views, the views that stretch on for miles and miles, taking in the man-made quarries around the Medway, tucked away dry valleys and the iconic white cliffs of Dover. Part of the Kent Downs is on the 153 miles North Downs walking trail, so the area also attracts a fair few walkers. Sometimes all you gotta do is slow down, drop the pace and make time for new discoveries.

All information correct at the time of writing.

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