Holemoor Stables - Arrival Letter

Dear guests

We are sure that you will appreciate that due to the current circumstances we have had to amend and increase our changeover routine quite considerably, in order to minimise the risk of infection in our property and to make your stay safer and possible.

We are therefore asking you to do things that under normal circumstances we would not wish to do but we feel your  safety and that of our staff, without whom opening would not be possible, is more important. We very much hope you can kindly understand and respect the following.

1. We regret that we have had to bring forward our departure time to 9:30 am. We are sorry for the inconvenience but safety is a priority.

2. We would be extremely grateful if you could refrain from using the swimming pool and games room on the morning of departure so that our cleaners may start there first, without you or they  coming into contact with each other.

3. We would also be extremely grateful if you could kindly strip the your bed linen and that of your immediate household and place the bedding in pillowcases.

4. We also regret that we have removed some decorative soft furnishing, such as rugs, cushions and throws from the property to prevent cross infection between parties.

5. Please open all doors and windows prior to your departure and keep the property well aired during your stay.

6. Please follow the guides for departure advice as issued by Sleeps12.

7. Please kindly notify us if any of your party becomes unwell after you depart.

We are grateful for your understanding in these difficult times and very much hope that you will enjoy your stay.

Robert and Claire Blackburn