Helping To Save The Planet With Sleeps 12

Recycling. It’s a very big thing these days and the more we can do of it the better. Sometimes, our guests mention the lack of facilities for recycling at our large group holiday homes, but rest assured that we work closely with property owners and we’re all doing what we can to help transform the waste and recyclables generated from your holidays and weekend breaks into high quality raw materials and renewable energy.

You’ll notice that some of our holiday house have separate facilities for recycling - different bins for cardboard, glass, plastic, etc. so it’s obvious that it’s all being put to good use, but in fact that’s the case with all of our properties – even the ones where you put everything into one big bin; it all gets collected by a commercial waste company, taken away and sorted and recycled where possible.

So now you know, you can enjoy your Sleeps12 large group stay safe in the knowledge that things are being recycled as they should be. Like we often say, we’ve thought of everything.

For more information you can read about how Viridor (one of our suppliers) deal with commercial waste.

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