Hamble Ferry, Hamble, Southampton, Hampshire

The Hamble Ferry has been ferrying folk across the river from Warsash to Hamble since 1493, which surely makes it one of the longest serving ferries in the country. The boats weren’t always the lovely bubblegum pink that they are today of course, but that’s been their trademark for some time, and let’s face it, it makes them easy to spot.
The ferries run from the Hamble Public Jetty to the Warsash Ferry Hard with their usual operating hours being Monday to Friday 9.00am-4.00pm in the winter, and in the summer 9.00-5.00pm and a weekend service that runs till 5.30pm. As the summer goes on and it gets busier, they tend to extend their operating hours. They don’t have a timetable, it’s all done on demand so go down to the water’s edge and you shouldn’t have to wait long.
Like a lot of businesses these days, they’ve diversified at Hamble Ferry and offer boat maintenance and moorings as well.

T: 02380 454512 or 07720 438402     All information correct at the time of writing