Halloween Games For Families

If you’re stuck for ideas on your late October break with Sleeps12 check out our Halloween games for families. These are our old favourites, good old traditional games guaranteed to bring fun and laughter to an eerie evening! Set the tone with decorations, soft lighting, spooky sounds and of course, boo-tiful Halloween costumes. Happy holidays!

Apple Bobbing

That old chestnut. You know how it goes. Water in a bowl, everyone has to try to get an apple out using only their mouth and teeth. To make it more tricky you can tie contestant’s hands behind their backs.

Dangling Doughnuts

Traditionally this was done with apples too but it’s much easier with doughnuts. Tie string around each doughnut and dangle them from a tree or if you’re playing indoors, a door frame works well. Without using your hands, everyone has to do their best to eat a whole doughnut.

Build A Skeleton

This is fun!  Find a skeleton template online and cut out two lots of bone shapes using cardboard (or more if there are more than two teams playing). The winning team is the one that builds their skeleton the fastest.  

Bowls of Body Parts

This can get messy, so be prepared! What you do is put things into bowls to resemble body parts – peeled grapes as eyeballs, slimy spaghetti as brains, that sort of thing, then each player has to put their hands in the bowl and guess what it is. Best played with dim lighting, otherwise use blindfolds; guaranteed shrieking either way!

Pin The Wart On The Witch

This is a Halloween take on Pin the Tail On the Donkey. You’ll need a big cardboard cut-out of a witch and a big ugly wart, which can just be a piece of blue tack or plasticine. Blindfold each contestant before they take their turn to pin the wart on the witch, aiming for the nose or chin of course. Other players can shout ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ by way of help.

Wrapping the Mummy

This always gets everyone giggling. Two or more teams, a lot of loo rolls and one objective: to wrap one member of the team like a mummy the quickest. You can then do mummy races if you like, all jolly good fun!

Halloween Treasure Hunt

This one is simple; just like the usual sort of treasure hunt only with Halloween themed things like small toy spiders, bats, goodies, etc. hand out Halloween boxes or buckets for the players to collect things in.

Aunt Pumpkin

For this game you’ll need the biggest pumpkin you can find. Carve it out so that there’s a huge hole for the mouth and then sit it on a wall or a chair so that everyone can take aim and try to throw a bean bag or soft ball into the pumpkin’s mouth. Like an Aunt Sally but with a pumpkin!


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