Guildford Museum, Guildford, Surrey

Guildford Museum is right next to the castle grounds, in the loveliest old buildings. One of them has an original part of the castle gatehouse in its walls; what’s left of the arch of the gateway, built in the 13th century, is still visible and should be counted among the interesting artefacts of the museum. Inside, displays cover all the usual areas – archaeology, social history, trade and industry, art and textiles, and so on. There are over 100,000 exhibits in total, though not all are on display at once; among them are the fascinating curios in the Gertrude Jekyll Gallery which houses the diverse collection the famous garden designer donated to the museum.
If you’re in Guildford pottering about, you’ll probably go and see the castle so it makes sense to have a gander round the museum, especially as it doesn’t cost anything other than your time.

Open: 11.00 am-5.00 pm Mon-Fri
T: 01483 444751      All information correct at the time of writing.

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