Fort Royal Park, Worcester, Worcestershire

Fort Royal Park played a significant part in the country’s history; in 1651 it was the site of the Battle of Worcester, the last battle of the English Civil War. It’s a much more peaceful place now though, no sign of all that blood and gore and it’s hard to think that over 1,000 men lost their lives here way back then. It’s only a short walk from the city centre and well, you know, it’s just a park, but the views are nice from the top of the hill, and there are two very good play areas and trails you can follow. It’s nice enough for a stroll or to walk the dog, and if you come when the local volunteers are holding one of their community events here, you’ll find the atmosphere is tinged with excitement. The canal and The Commandery are at the bottom of the hill, so you could visit there afterwards if you’re inspired by the history.

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