Extra Guest Beds At Your Large Group Holiday House

When booking a holiday with Sleeps12 you may have the option of extra guest beds at your large group holiday house – so besides the base number of guests that your selected property sleeps, there’s also room for more, usually at a small additional charge per person, though in some cases, at no extra charge.

The Floor Plans for each property will show where extra guest beds will be, making it easier for you to plan the sleeping arrangements for your holiday. What the Floor Plans don’t show is that the size of the extra beds can vary from property to property, so you’ll need to be aware of that. They are always single beds, some are a standard 3ft wide, some slightly smaller at 2ft 9”. Likewise, some are day beds, some are pull-out beds that are hidden away when not in use, some are good quality Z-beds and one or two of our large holiday houses have very comfortable sofa beds. You can find more information under Rooms on the Floor Plans page for each property or when you book your stay.

Extra guest beds are generally suitable for adults and children; in a few cases they really are best suited to younger children under 12 years of age and this will be clear in the property description. What’s important is that none of the luxury of your Sleeps12 holiday is compromised; bedrooms with extra guest beds will be spacious enough to accommodate them. It’s a great option for families with younger children, or for teenagers and friends sharing. The more the merrier, as they say!

Large Holiday Houses in the UK