Exmoor Zoo, nr Barnstaple, Devon

Get up close to nature with the family on a day trip to Exmoor Zoo in the beautiful North Devon countryside. See some of the unusual species who live here - the big hairy armadillo, rusty spotted cat, bat-eared fox, cotton-top tamarin, or the lesser hedgehog tenrec – and that’s just a few! Hear the black and gold howler monkeys and the singing dogs, stroke the alpacas, handle a snake – a visit to Exmoor Zoo is an amazing experience all round! Take a picnic or have a bite to eat in the African Café, and don’t forget to take lots of photos as lasting memories of your holiday in Devon.

Open: May-Sept 10.00am-6.00pm   Sept-Oct  10.00am-5.00pm   Nov-Feb  10.00am-4.00pm   Feb-May  10.00am-5.00pm   Closed Dec 24th-26th

All information correct at the time of writing.

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