Exeter Cathedral, Exeter, Devon

Exeter Cathedral is Gothic architecture at its finest, with a lovely setting on the green in the heart of Exeter where you can browse the shops or sit outside one of the cafes and take in the ambience. The cathedral has many remarkable features, including the West Front Image Screen with rich carvings of plants and animals, and three rows of statues in niches; inside the 14th century stone vaulted ceiling of the nave and the quire is to be marvelled at - it's the longest of its kind in the world. Oh, and the medieval stained glass in the Great East Window, so beauitful, and so very, very old.
Don’t miss the Minstrels Gallery on the north side of the nave, with colourfully painted angels playing musical instruments, nor the Exeter Astronomical Clock, a working model of the solar system as it was understood in the late 15th century. Carved from Devon oak, the Bishop’s Throne is one of the best examples of medieval woodwork in Europe; it was among several items removed from the cathedral to be stored safely during the Second World War; good job too as the cathedral suffered significant damage when it was bombed in 1942.
Free tours are run by experienced guides several times a day and there’s a cathedral shop selling souvenirs and gifts; the café, with its fan vaulted ceiling, is an absolute gem.

Exeter Cathedral is open daily for prayers and worship and is generally open to visitors from 9.00am-5.00pm
T: 01392 285983      All information correct at the time of writing

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