Dumpdon Hill, Luppitt, Honiton, Devon

The National Trust own Dumpdon Hill so it will be looked after for future generations, and that’s how it should be; we should all be able to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity that nature, when it combines with history, has to offer.

Dumpdon is high above the beautiful Otter Valley not far from Honiton in East Devon; climb to the top of this Iron Age fort – allegedly never finished - and you’ll be astounded at the far reaching views. There’s a small car park and a circular trail, or you can explore the ramparts and walk in the beech woods, kicking up leaves in the autumn, stopping to admire the bluebells in spring.
Take the kids up there, let them run around and let off steam, spot fungi on the tree trunks, show them lichen, look out for beetles among the rotting fallen branches.

Staying at Pippinsands just down the valley? You can see the house from here.

All information correct at the time of writing

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