Dog Rules

Several of our luxury large group holiday houses are dog friendly, allowing 1 or more well behaved dogs at a small extra charge per pet. If you wish to bring your dog on holiday you'll need to select this option when completing your booking information. Before planning to bring your pet please make sure that you've read our Dog Rules as it's very important that you adhere to these throughout your stay.

Sleeps12 Dog Rules:

Dogs must be kept off all furniture and are not allowed in any of the bedrooms.

Dogs are not allowed in spa halls, hot tubs or swimming pools. 

Dogs are not to be left unattended in the property at any time. 

It is preferable that dogs sleep in a crate at night but if this is really not possible please follow the guidelines as to where your pet should sleep.

Please ensure that before coming into the house, wet or muddy dogs are dried off with a towel - please bring your own towel for this purpose.

Please ensure all dog mess is picked up throughout your stay and have a very thorough check before you leave on the morning of departure - this is very important.

Please be aware that the surrounding grounds and farmland may contain livestock. You will therefore need to make sure that dogs are kept on short leads. 

Please note breaching these house rules will incur a minimum fee of £100.

General Information:

Please ensure that your pet's vaccinations and flea treatments are up to date before the start of your holiday.

Whilst the owners of our dog-friendly properties take steps to make the gardens as secure as possible, there is no guarantee that your pet will not escape so we advise that your dog is supervised at all times.

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages