Cold Water Swimming At Your Large Group Holiday House

Some of our properties have outdoor pools that aren’t heated year round, so for those offering pools out of season, we’ve written this helpful guide to cold water swimming at your large group holiday house.

Cold water swimming is trendy right now; it’s really caught on and on social media sites you’ll see countless posts of people wild swimming in a river or taking an out of season dip in the sea. Although medical evidence is limited research suggests that a plunge in cold water has its benefits; apart from the fact that you’re outdoors in the fresh air taking exercise, it’s said to boost the immune system, to reduce inflammation, and to be good for mental health, lessening stress and anxiety.

At most of our group holiday homes outdoor pools are heated from April to the end of October. Sometimes it’s possible to use the pool outside of these times, but it may not be heated, so you’d be wise to bear in mind our advice for cold water swimming.

  • It’s always best to wear a wetsuit, simply because they help you to stay warm in cold water.
  • Keep up your fluid intake, before, during and after your swim as cold water can have a dehydrating effect on the body.
  • Cold water can be a shock to the body, so don’t go jumping in straightaway – get in gently and swim slowly to get used to it.
  • Don’t expect to swim as well as you would in heated water – it won’t be as easy because your body needs to work harder to keep your vital organs warm.
  • How long you stay in depends on your body; what’s important is to listen to it. If you feel cold, dizzy or tired, get out as quickly as you can and go and warm up.
  • Unless you’re an experienced cold water swimmer, you shouldn’t spend ages in the water – regular breaks are important, so get out every 15 minutes and get yourself warm.
  • Cold water swimming can be particularly dangerous if you have high blood pressure, asthma or a heart condition, or if you’re pregnant. Best to check with your doctor in these circumstances.

As long as you stick by these tips you can have an enjoyable swim, and who knows, the weather might be on your side and there may be sunshine to make it more enjoyable.

You’ll see the following disclaimer on the Facts A-Z page of properties that offer an unheated pool between November and April.

Disclaimer: The swimming pool at this property is not heated. Swimming in a cold pool can be dangerous, especially for young children and people with health conditions. Please be aware that if you use the pool, you swim at your own risk and that children should always be closely supervised.

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