Chessington World of Adventures, Chessington, Surrey

Tell the whippersnappers you’re going for a family day out at Chessington World of Adventures and they’ll be doing cartwheels on the lawn, and who can blame ‘em – who wouldn’t get excited about a visit to a theme park, zoo AND sea life centre all rolled into one? Needless to say, endless fun, whoops of delight, shrieks of joy. There are rides for all ages, including the Vampire, the Kobra, the Monkey Swinger and for younger folk, Elmer’s Flying Jumbos, Tiny Truckers and the Adventure Tree Carousel. And the animals; well, there are more than 1,000, among them lions, tigers, gorillas, rhinos, monkeys and armadillos. There are smaller animals in the Childrens’ Zoo, and in the Sea Life centre you can come face to face with seahorses, starfish, clownfish, sharks, pufferfish and jellyfish. Seriously exciting, with daily shows and activities, and several places to eat on site whether you want to go and sit down or grab something to munch and go. One mahoosive supersized attraction for mahoosive supersized fun in Surrey!

Open: Throughout the year but hours vary so please check the website before you go.
T: 0371 663 4477         All information correct at the time of writing

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