British Museum, London

Human history and culture that stretches back two million years. That’s what the British Museum in London is all about, and boy oh boy, it’s amazing. Make that Amazing with a capital A or even a big shouty AMAZING, because that’s definitely what it is. The things you can see here! There are more than 60 galleries showcasing over 8 million incredible artefacts from all over the world including the Americas, Africa, Egypt, China, Assyria, Ancient Greece and Rome. See the Lycurgus Cup, believed to have been made in Rome in AD 300, a mid 20th century shield from West Papua, the intricately carved Lewis Chessmen that were found on the Isle of Lewis and date from 1150-1200. Other highlights are the Animals, Desire, Love and Identity, and Death and Memory galleries.

There are regular exhibitions, family activity trails and workshops, and they do tours for groups of  10 or more.  Allow a whole day. Easily.

Open: 10.00am-5.30pm every day with late night opening ‘til 8.30pm on Fridays
T:  020 7323 8181        All information correct at the time of writing

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