Bossington Hill, Exmoor, Somerset

Bossington Hill is one of only a few Easy Access sites within Exmoor National Park; there are two trails of 830m and 350m, with specially made level (ish) footpaths, designed for people with wheelchairs and buggies, so there's no bikes and no horses on these trails. The views are utterly amazing in every direction, stretching far over the Porlock Vale, to Dunkery Beacon, The Welsh coast and the inland hills of Exmoor. If you've made the efoort to climb to the top, you may as well linger, so take a picnic, fly a kite, just lie there in the grass and listen to the birdsong on a spring day.

Admire the incredible views from the stone Rest Hut, a lasting memorial to one of the previous owners of the Holnicote Estate, then if you're feeling up to it go for a stroll through the woods or acorss the moors.

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