Blackbury Camp, Southleigh, Colyton, Devon

Surrounded by native woodland, Blackbury Camp near Colyton in East Devon dates back to the 4th century BC. For hundreds of years this was an Iron Age Fort, as can be seen by its impressive ramparts. At the end of a high ridge with stunning views across the open countryside, it’s a peaceful place to the point of being almost magical when there's no-one else about. It's great for dog walks and picnics, either out in the sunshine or on blazing hot days, beneath the shade of the trees.

Blackberry Camp is spectacular in the spring when the bluebells are out, huge swathes of them nodding their heads in the breeze. There’s a car park but it’s not huge, so you might have to park in the lane; remember that it can be muddy underfoot in the winter or after rainfall so wear appropriate footwear. Flip-flops just won’t cut it.

Open: 24/7    All information correct at the time of writing

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