Axminster, Devon

This little market town on the River Axe is undoubtedly most famous for its fine carpets, first made in 1755 and still produced in a factory on the outskirts, though now it also has the claim to fame of the River Cottage canteen which occupies an old pub and ballroom in the centre of town; you’ll often see people standing outside having their photograph taken.
It’s not a busy town by any means, but it’s quite relaxing to stroll around and browse the mostly independent shops; there’s a butcher, a baker, a very good bookshop, a few small cafes, and two supermarkets. What it does lack is a good pub, one that’s nice to go to for food, so if you’re hungry at lunchtime you could try River Cottage of course, Sublyme or Le Pisani; one dining experience not to be missed is the Giant Club, but it’s only open on Friday and Saturday nights and you certainly need to book in advance.  
The church that stands on Minster Green dates back to Saxon times. At the old Brush Works down over Castle Hill, there’s a feather factory where the most exquisite plumes are made for the military and top fashion designers.

All information correct at the time of writing