1642 Living History Village, Gosport, Hampshire

Take a huge step back in time at the 1642 Living History Village at Gosport, and see how country folk lived in the 17th century village of Little Woodham. Go inside the houses of the villagers and the places where they worked; see the seamstress at work, the weavers spinning wool or weaving fine cloth, the potter throwing pots or firing up his kiln. The blacksmith will be busy at his forge, and the sawyers working hard at the mill, whilst if the sun’s out, the mothers will be on the cottage doorsteps telling stories to their children, all about the faery folk who live in the woods.
Oh yes, it’s fascinating, and it’s immersive, so you really do get an insight into what life was like back then in these parts of Hampshire. The actors are all in true to life costumes, though without the festering sores and the nits! There are craft regular demonstrations, and what’s good is that there’s easy access around the village for wheelchair users. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a lead; there’s a small café but you’re just talking drinks and biscuits really, so you might be better of taking a picnic.

Open: Apr-Oct  daily 10.30am-4.30pm daily
T: 07494 252802     All information correct at the time of writing.

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