Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that may help you plan your stay at The Old Rectory

What time can I arrive at the property?

The check in time for The Old Rectory is 4pm. We can not allow you to arrive earlier than this as we will be busy preparing for your stay. If you think you might be earlier then why not stop at one of the recommended pubs or vist the nearby towns of Taunton or Watchet

There is also a pub at the foot of the driveway called The Windmill, this has a bar and a restaurant. You may like to stop here for a bite to eat if you are a little early.

How do I find the property?

There are comprehensive directions provided in the My Booking section. Once you have made a booking you'll be able to access this from the sleeps12 homepage. Please use these instructions rather than Sat Nav as this can sometimes take you past the turning for the property. Please also pass these instructions to all members of your group.

Does this property require a security deposit?

This property owner requires a security deposit of £500 a week before your arrival. You will be contacted 3 weeks before your stay with information on how to pay this. More details about security deposits can be found on this link.

How do we gain access to the property on the day of our arrival?

You will be greeted at the property on your arrival and the managers will show you around. If you think you may arrive later than 4pm please do let them know your estimated time of arrival. Their contact details can be found on the check in information. Accessible by logging into your booking. Please ensure that you drive slowly up the driveway as you may meet an oncoming walker, car or horserider!

Does this property allow two night stays?

Yes, this property has a two night weekend option. The two night breaks commence at 4pm on Friday and departure is by 4pm on Sunday. Please ensure that you have left the property promptly by 4pm. You run the risk of being charged for extra time in the property or having some, if not all, of your cautionary deposit held rather than being returned if you are found to be in or have been in the property after the 4pm departure time. 

We are thinking of inviting people over for the day is this allowed at your property?

Unfortunately this is not allowed at any of the sleeps12 properties. This is clearly set out in the Terms and Conditions that should have ben read at the time of booking. There is a maximum occupancy for each property that must not be exceeded for insurance purposes and every person who is a guest at the property must be added to the booking including their names and ages. If you think you may have invited people to visit then you must call the office so that relevant permissions can be obtained from the owners of the property. This is due to health and safety regulations as well as insurances.

Can I have a food delivery to the property?

Yes you can arrange to have a food delivery to the property on your arrival or during your stay. We ask that delivery slots are made for after the arrival time of 4pm and that you are there to receive the delivery personally. We recommend that you ensure that you put your mobile number and name on the delivery information. The following shops will deliver to this property: Asda, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Tesco and COOK.

Are there any local pubs that we could stop at on the way or visit during our stay?

Take a look at our PLACES TO EAT. The Windmill Pub is also at the end of the drive. 

What can we find supplied for us at The Old Rectory?

There is enough crockery, cutlery and glasses for a dinner party. At least 2 toilet rolls per toilet, Salt and Pepper, Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Washing Up Liquid, Dishwasher Tablets, Tea Towels, Dish Cloth and, Scourer Sponge, Oven Gloves, Kitchen Roll, Tin Foil, Cling Film, Bin Bags, Laundry tablets, Hand, Soap, Welcome pack of Shower Gel, Moisturiser and Bath Soak, Hair dryers in all bedrooms, All bed linen, cot mattress sheets for the normal cots only, bath robes, bath towels and hand towels are supplied - WE RECOMMEND BRINGING EXTRA TOWELS AND FOOT WEAR (FLIP FLOPS) FOR GOING OUT TO THE HOT TUB.

How should we leave the property when we depart?
It is important that your departure in no later than EXCEPT 2 night breaks, departure time is 4pm Sunday. 
We expect all rubbish to be bagged up and left outside the front of the property.
All washing up from your stay should have been done and put away with the dishwasher loaded with your final load and then turned on before you leave.
The kitchen table and kitchen surfaces to be wiped down.
Any spillages to be cleaned up during your stay
Please check all rooms to ensure that nothing is left behind.
Any furniture that has been moved during your stay, please return to its original position.
We do not expect beds to be stripped and all towels etc can be left in bathrooms
We are more understanding if any damage is notified asap
As we do not stay at the property we rely on our guests informing us of anything that is missing from the property or if anything is not working correctly.

How do I access the property on the day of my stay? Will the owner meet me there or do I have to find the keys?

All of your check in information is provided for you about 4 weeks before your arrival. You will be emailed a link to this once it is available. You can view this check in information if you log into the My Booking section of the website using your booking reference number and your email address. On the check in information you'll be able to see the owners contact details in case you are going to be later than 4pm as well as how to access the key if a key lock is provided.

Are dogs allowed at this property? 

Unfortunately dogs are not allowed at this proeprty. To discuss this please do call us in the office. 

We have a few babies in our party are these included in the maximum number the property can accommodate?

The property can accommodate 18 people in beds but there are also 3 toddler beds, 2 cots and also 3 travel cots that can be requested for children under 4 years old. These can all be requested when you do your bedroom configurations. If you are unsure if your group can be accommodated do give us a call in the office. 

Are any of the beds Zip and Link at this property?

Two of the rooms can be configured as either super king beds or twin beds. One bedroom can only be a twin room.

Is there WiFi at the property?

Yes there is and there are also boosters at the property. However, please be aware that the speed may not be as quick as you are used to. The property is old and has very thick walls, it is also very big and so some rooms may have better signal than other. We recommend downloading items that you may want before your stay. 

Is there a large garden at The Old Rectory?

There are several gardens at The Old Rectory. There is a graden to the front of the property which is on a slope, the large garden is to the rear of the property accessed by steps from the courtyard. This has several levels and also contains the childrens outdoor play equipment. 

Is there a BBQ at this property?

There is a BBQ at The Old Rectory, this is a gas BBQ. The gas is available on request. 

How do we book EXTRAS that are listed on the website?

It is great that you are looking to further enhance your stay while in this property! Thank you for using one of our recommended suppliers that we have mentioned in our EXTRAS for the property. Please contact them and arrange this. Once it has been arranged you will need to let us know by email or phone call who you have booked, when they are coming and how many people there will be. We need this information for insurance purposes.