It’s a well known fact that we are a nation of dog lovers so we quite understand why you wouldn’t want to go on holiday without your pet pooch. It wouldn’t be right would it? He’s part of the family, he HAS to come, it’s as simple as that.

Well the good news is that you can bring your furry friend along to Otterhead House because one well behaved dog is most welcome. There’s a little charge for this but it’s well worth it to have your buddy by your side, and hey, he’s going to have a wonderful time because there’s no shortage of delightful dog walks in this neck of the woods. This is the Blackdown Hills, right? So right on the doorstep there’s a whole world waiting to be explored, a world of soft rolling hills, wide open fields, windswept plateaus and sheltered woodlands. Get the map out, find a footpath or work out a route around the narrow winding lanes; ideally tie it in with a stop at a cosy country inn, like The Candlelight at Bishopswood, or The Greyhound at Staplefitzpaine.

Just at the back of the house across the lane is a nature reserve – Otterhead Lakes. A grand country house once stood here but it fell into rack and ruin nature moved in, so now it’s an incredibly tranquil place to be, but keep your mutt on a lead unless he’s really well behaved because there are usually nesting birds about.

Just a few miles away you can walk the Herepath at Staple Common; much of it is evergreen forest so it’s a welcome relief from the heat of the sun on blazing summer days. Follow the trail around Castle Neroche, stroll up through the beech woods to Wellington Monument or to Culm Beacon; all have the most spectacular views that stretch out across the landscape for miles.

Don’t forget that it’s not far to the beach either; have an evening stroll around Lyme Regis or along Axmouth Harbour beach, park up at Langdon Hill and walk out to Golden Cap, the highest point on the South coast of Britain.  Happy days all round!

Note: Only one dog is allowed at this property and must be added when you are making your booking. A charge of £50 will then be applied to the booking total.

There are strict dog rules to abide by at our properties, so please make sure you have read these before planning to bring your dog. 

Dog Rules!

Ensure that dogs are kept off all furniture in the house and are not allowed to go upstairs.

Dogs are not allowed to be left unattended in the property at any time. 

It is preferable that dogs sleep in crates at night, but if not please follow our guidelines as to where the dog should sleep.

Please ensure any wet or muddy dogs are dried off with a towel that you have brought with you, before being allowed into the house. 

Please ensure all dog mess is picked up throughout your stay and before you leave on the morning of departure. 

Please be aware that surrounding grounds and farmland may contain livestock. Please be courteous and make sure that dogs are kept on leads and full supervision is given at all times.