We understand that it can be a real wrench to leave your dog in kennels or with relatives when you go on holiday, so it's fortunate that Hurstone welcomes well behaved dogs. And what a lot of fun they'll have here! The rolling hills and verdant pastures surrounding Hurstone make for wonderful dog walking country, and the chances are you can tie it in with a stop off at a dog friendly country inn; step out from your doorstep and go to the Rock Inn at Waterrow, or just a few miles away you can walk up to Culm Beacon or along the River Culme and then go to the Culm Valley Inn for a drink,  being more or less on the edge of Exmoor National Park, there are plenty of fantastic walks within a few miles, in some of the most beautiful and diverse scenery in the South West - wooded hillsides, open fields, vast heathlands, high clifftops and winding country lanes, not to mention several dog friendly beaches (seasonal restrictions may apply). Walk amongst the ancient trees of Horner Woods, through the beautiful Heddon Valley, climb the ascent to Dunkery Beacon, the highest point on all of Exmoor; stroll in the dappled sunlight along the river at Watersmeet, or wander around the chocolate box village of Selworthy. Head up into the rugged Quantock Hills, climb up Holford Combe to reach the windswept plateau, climb to the top of Wills Neck for spectacular panoramic views, head over to the coast where there are dog friendly beaches at Watchet and Kilve; the list is endless, so rest assured there is plenty to keep your four legged friend's tail wagging! 

Note: Two dogs are welcome at this property and must be added when you are making your booking. A charge of £50 per dog will then be applied to the booking total.

There are strict dog rules to abide by at our properties, so please make sure you have read these before planning to bring your dog. 

Dog Rules!

Ensure that dogs are kept off all furniture in the house and are not allowed to go upstairs.

Dogs are not allowed in the swimming pool or any part of the pool surrounding area. 

Dogs are not allowed to be left unattended in the property at any time. 

It is preferable that dogs sleep in a crate at night but if not please follow our guidelines as to where the dog should sleep.

Please ensure that any wet or muddy dogs are dried off with a towel that you have brought with you, before being allowed into the house. 

Please ensure all dog mess is picked up throughout your stay and before you leave on the morning of departure. 

Please be aware that surrounding grounds and farmland may contain livestock. Please be courteous and make sure that dogs are kept on leads and full supervision is given at all times. 

We provide a dog pack to welcome you and have provided dog towels and blankets in case you have forgotton to bring your own. Please help yourself and leave used towels and blankets on the box or by the back door on the day of your departure. Other blankets and towels are not to be used for dogs during your stay. In addition to the poo bags in the dog welcome pack there are also some by the back door for your use.