Stillwaters Fly Fishing, Yarcombe, Devon

Any angler would relish the thought of having a whole lake to himself for a day, and that’s how it is at Stillwaters. You ring up, book it and it’s yours for the day, or the afternoon, or the evening, whichever you want; a one acre lake where you can fish for trout amidst tranquil countryside near Yarcombe in the Yarty Valley, and you won’t see a soul. What’s great is that it’s such a secluded spot you feel like you’re in a world of your own; there’s a little hut there and you're welcome to have a barbecue or a picnic, so take the family and they can sit and read, spot nature or have a go at fly fishing for themselves. In fact, there are quite a few men out there who will happily tell you about how Grandpa taught them how to catch their first trout at Stillwaters.

T: 01404 861284   All information correct at the time of writing