Rodney Scott - Testimonials

Rodney Scott - Testimonials

Evans Party

"Rodney provided an outstanding customer services and great flexibilty about options, menues., Rodney went the extra mile and he also delivered beautiful truffles presented in an amazing bag with an angel figurine with 'Happy 40th' written on it. It was really a lovely touch, the kind of thing that makes all the difference"

Boulton Party

"We had Rodney provide a catered dinner on Saturday night for our Hen Party - the food and service were absolutley fantactic and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Would highly recommend!"

Baldwin Party

"We had Rodney Scott cater a meal for 11 of us, it was a real highlight to our stay and everyone enjoyed the meal. The service was slick, professional and exceptional. Everyone enjoyed the meal and the caterer was very accommodating even though we contacted him fairly last minute.

Andrews Party

"Rodney Scott catering - everything ran like clockwork and the meal was delicious"