Robot Pizza, Axminster, Devon

If you like pizzas there's no reason why you won't like it at Robot. This little eaterie in Axminster knocks the spots off of all those big pizza places; there are no bright lights, no pop music blaring (there's music but it's good choons) and you certainly don't get that feeling of guests coming and going quickly. In fact, it's completely the opposite - you feel inclined to linger, to make your time here last as long as possible, and Gid who owns and runs Robot Pizza and does all the cooking, positively encourages that, which is nice. 
So you've probably deduced that the vibe is relaxed and easy going. But what's rather fun is how you feel like you've been invited here, like it's a secret club that you're a part of, because from the outside you can't see in and that just makes you wonder what it's all about. So come and find out, come and sip cocktails and organic wine, try craft ales and ciders. 
The wood fired pizzas are top notch; they're made with Robot's own sourdough bases and original tomato sauce recipe, and include classics like Marinara, Frutti Di Mare and Piccante, and Bianco pizzas that don't have tomato sauce like most do. There's also a section called Bonkers Pizzas and yep, it's pretty crazy - but very very good; your chance to try a Cheeseburger Pizza, a Hot Dog Pizza, Hoi Sin Duck Pizza or the Cauliflower Crazy, which actually tastes amazing. There are pizzas for kids, bases for the gluten intolerant and for vegans, and a fine choice of extra toppings. 
If you don't want to eat in for some reason, then don't. Order ahead and Gid will do you pizzas to takeaway, or even part baked ones to heat up back at your Sleeps12 holiday house. If you fancy a pizza party - cool, go for it; Robot seats 30 and you can park in the car park just across the road. Take the dog, he's most welcome.

Open 5.00pm - 9.00pm Tues to Sun. Best to book, especially if there are lots of you.
T: 01297 792782   All information correct at the time of writing