The Blackdown Hills. The perfect place to explore when you stay in a Sleeps12 property

Exploring the Blackdown Hills

When you stay with us we suggest you dust off those walking boots, don a coat, grab a map and get stomping through the Blackdown Hills. Just don't get lost because we wouldn't want you to leave our beautiful properties for long!

The Blackdown Hills borders Devon and Somerset and has been protected as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty since 1991. This area extends from Wellington in the North to Honiton in the South.
With a stunning landscape this area is full of diverse habitats and working communities with rustic charm. Farming, mainly dairy is the norm with small fields and high hedges forming a lot of the landscape here. 

You can be sure to find a warm welcome wherever you roam. Walking is a great way to discover new places. It is always best to plan your route ahead of your visit. This link: Walks on the Blackdowns will take you to an easy to use map with details of a variety of routes. Please make sure you stay safe and take an Ordnance Survey map with you and remember to follow the Countryside Code. Kids love to learn outdoors so why not take a treasure hunt with you to complete?

Easy to make all you need is a little inspiration, a pen and a piece of paper. Here are a few suggestions tried and tested by a 5 year old!

  • A massive leaf
  • A cow - don't have to bring it back though, just spot this one!
  • An acorn
  • Spot an animal track and draw it's shape
  • A yellow flower
  • A huge stick
  • A Gruffalo....... The 5 year olds suggestion....Good Luck!

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