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Don't want to spend your precious holiday preparing and cooking meals for everyone? You can enjoy dining in your fabulous holiday home, eating delicious food cooked to order using fresh local ingredients, organic wherever possible. The meals are delivered direct to the fridge/ freezer, ready for you to pop in the oven.

Starters/ Light Lunches
Spiced Carrot & Lentil Soup (v)
Creamy Leek & Potato Soup (v)
Petit Pois & Mint Soup (v)
Chicken Liver & sherry Pate
£6.50 for 2 portions; £9.75 for 4 portions; £14.00 for 6 portions

Main Courses
Exotically Spiced Moroccan Lamb Tagine
Luxury Fish Pie
Slow Cooked Exmoor Beef & Apricot Casserole Balsamic Chicken with Cranberries & Porcini Mushrooms Somerset Lamb & Walnut Casserole
Chicken Tikka Masala
Italian Chicken Cacciatore with Tomatoes, Peppers & Olives Coronation Chicken Salad
£11.75 for 2 portions; £18.50 for 4 portions; £27.00 for 6 portions

Traditional Cottage Pie
Beef Lasagne with béchamel
Wookey Hole Cheddar Macaroni Cheese (v) Vegetable Lasagne (v)
Vegetarian Indian Curry (v)
Vegetarian Lentil Moussaka (v)
£9.50 for 2 portions; £14.00 for 4 portions; £20.75 for 6 portions

Luxury Buttery Potato Mash (v)
Roasted Carrots & Leeks with Thyme & Honey (v) Roasted Parmesan Parsnips
Braised Red Cabbage with Bramelys (v) Dauphinoise Potatoes (v)
Garlic Bread (v)
Couscous Salad (v)
New Potato Salad in Chive & Mustard Mayo Vinaigrette (v) £4.50 for 2 portions; £6.50 for 4 portions; £9.50 for 6 portions

Seasonal Fruit Crumble
Bread & Butter Pudding
Toffee Cake with Butterscotch Sauce
Rich Chocolate Brandy Torte
Apple & Vanilla Tart
£7.00 for 2 portions; £11.00 for 4 portions; £15.00 for 6 portions

Giant Dark Chocolate Brownie
Frosted Carrot Cake
Gluten-Free Lemon Drizzle Cake
Chocolate Ganache Cake
Homebaked Scones with Local Jam
6 servings £10.00; 12 servings £18.50

Please order your dishes at least 2 weeks prior to your holiday. Full allergen information can be provided upon request. Please email, post or phone me the list of dishes you wish to order with portion sizes, arrival date and address of your holiday home. Then I can confirm availability for you and give you payment details. The minimum order value is £100.00 and includes delivery.